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picprog binary for windows?

I am trying to burn the bootloader for a bus pirate v4. The binary of picprog 0.2 available through the wiki page ( doesn't recognize the keyword for the chip (24FJ256GB106). I see that the source code (pic.c) does include an entry for the 24FJ256 so I am wondering whether the binary is from the latest available source-- I don't think it is. I tried installing the Codeblocks IDE and MinGW compiler, but am getting several build errors including not finding termios.h and sys/select.h. It seems that these are not usually found on windows systems. Were a few compiler conditional statements omitted or am I missing some header files?

Re: picprog binary for windows?

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for windows you should define something like "WIN32", so it switches to Windows' serial port handling routines.

There is a project for Codeblocks and it has not been updated for the very recent versions. Also note that you need fairly new firmware in buspirate, so that pic24 writing is supported. (6.2 and newer?)

I have tested bpv4 writing and reading, but havent played with piratepicprog since (that is almost year ago). But i doubt anyone touched it :) so it should be working.