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Is the BusPirate the right tool for newbies?

Hello everyone :)

I've always been interested in and fascinated by the idea of hardware hacking. I've recently been playing with the idea of getting a Bus Pirate to play around with but i have some concerns.

Although i'm a 4th semester CS student i have very little experience with ICs and electrical engineering. Pretty much the only thing i've ever done with circuits is connecting my Arduino to LEDs on a breadbord and have them blink without killing them. Are there any good ressources on how to get started with this?

Also is it possible to run the software for the Bus Pirate insider a VMWare VM and have the USB passed thorugh to the VM?

When searching for the Bus Pirate online i found mostly oudated Wiki articles from around 2010/2011. Is the development/community dead?

Thanks you very much in advance


Re: Is the BusPirate the right tool for newbies?

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Hi welcome, The community is very much alive.  Just not much has changed with the latest version of the Bus Pirate so there was no need to update the articles..

I would defiantly suggest continuing to play with the Arduino, buy some cool shields, and do some cool projects, and experiment with them to get a feel for it..

While the Bus Pirate is super easy to use, it's usefulness is intended for more advanced notions such as protocol debugging, and learning new ICs before integrating them into a project.

A Bus Pirate exercise kit should soon become available, and is the ideal thing for total newbies.
best regards FIlip.

Re: Is the BusPirate the right tool for newbies?

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I justified buying a BusPirate based on its utility as a TTL level USB/serial converter.  Sure, it costs about twice what a simple FTDI USB/serial cable costs, but there will always come a day when you will need to/want to hack.  Since I bought mine, I have used the ADC, PWM generation, and frequency counter in addition to the serial port functions.


Re: Is the BusPirate the right tool for newbies?

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Thank you very much for the advice. I guess i'll try to come up with cool projects for my Arduino and keep an eye open for the bus Pirate exercise kit :) Is there any ETA?

Re: Is the BusPirate the right tool for newbies?

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there is no official ETA, but we are aiming to release it as soon as posible.. A rouf guesstimate would be in a month or 2
best regards FIlip.