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LCR Meter, Super Cheap

Found this steal when I was in Tokyo last December.  I was in need of an LCR meter for a project, and had been researching my options online.  I was in Akihabara and saw one that looked mighty familiar.  The ODM that makes the handheld LCR meter for IET Labs seems to have sold a lot to one of the best uC stores in Akiba: Akizuki Denshi.  IET list price, $330, Akiba street price, 4700 Yen, or about $60.  It can do measurements up to 100khz, which is uncommon in these meters under $300.  Anyway, here's a link:

For comparison:


Re: LCR Meter, Super Cheap

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Any idea if they would do an internet order and ship to the US?  That is a crazy good price.  What is your experience with the unit that you bought?