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Portable nrf24L01+ library


I recently wrote a C based portable nrf24L01+ library. GitHub link is this:

I tried to make this library as portable as possible therefore, in order to use this library, you only need to define couple of GPIO functions in your project and that's it! Moreover, this library supports auto-retransmission and auto-ack features of the nrf24L01+ modules.

nrf24L01+ modules can be found at incredibly cheap prices these days. Seeed and iTead sell those modules at around 3 USD but in ebay or aliexpress they can be found at around 1 USD.

Issue reports and comments for the library are welcome!


Re: Portable nrf24L01+ library

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Hi all,

I also designed a 30.8 x 30.8 mm CR2032 powered node board for these modules. I'm waiting for my prototypes from OSHPark, but in the meantime here are the layout and schematic images.





Re: Portable nrf24L01+ library

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How long does it last on a cr2032 battery?

Very cool.  Post pics when you put it together :-)

Re: Portable nrf24L01+ library

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you might have problems with range with the onboard antenna - it looks like the antenna will be over the ground plate.
will you be releasing the eagle files ?

Re: Portable nrf24L01+ library

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It's all related with the sleep / active mode ratio, used data rate, output power and etc.

I'll definitely update this thread when I get my boards and assemble them! :)


You are right about the antenna - ground plane interaction, but in this particular board, there will be at least couple of cantimeters of air gap between this PCB and the nrf24 board. Nevertheless, it will have some affect. I might fix it at the next relaese.

Also you can find the eagle files attached.


Re: Portable nrf24L01+ library

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Will this support the little Wire bootloader. Is this the newer version of little wire with more pinouts.