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Happy with bus pirate but...

I've got a Bus Pirate which I have been using to interrogate i2c bus transactions

I like the bus pirate and it is very good value for money

However I have a few problems as the buffer size is small so I can only see the first transaction on the i2c using OLS and don't seem able to set a trigger on a certain bit sequence

I'd like to be able to look at intermittent transaction on the i2c (some may be once every 5 secs or more)

Also I have not been so succesful using it for SPI

So I was hoping someone could recommend a more powerful analyzer, there seem to be quite a few about but can anyone make some good recommendations


Re: Happy with bus pirate but...

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Hi, I can recomend our open bench logic sniffer although it has a relativly small buffer compared to profesional logic sniffers, but still much larger then the Bus pirate ... ic_Sniffer
best regards FIlip.