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Bus Blaster normal speeds?

Hi all,

We're doing a custom version of the Bus Blaster for MIPS, the chip company. They're curious what speeds they should be shooting for in OpenOCD:

I have a question about probe download speeds. Do you know what approximate download speeds the Bus Blaster (FT2232H) obtains to ARM targets?  (talking about Kbytes/sec to the target, not the USB speed)

 Did you or your engineers measure it for MIPS targets like 24K or PIC32 (microcontroller)?

The common software driver is usually OpenOCD but we would like to know what speed for any host software connection.

We are working on OpenOCD to maximize the download speeds for the new probes and are wondering what is the norm.

Can anyone share your experience on any chip with any software?

Thanks in advance!
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