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Storage Container Question

I am putting together a traveling kit of electronics that has all the necessary things for me to play with electronics at work during lunch time, but then pack it up and take it home if needed for heavier tasks.  This is motivated by the fact that we are expecting our first little one, and I can see that my time at home will be dedicated towards more important things (at least for the near term). 

The question is this, I would like to have a good case where I can put my things in it (breadboard, power supply, components, wires, tools, etc).  Some of the plastic fishing lure cases look like they could fit the bill, but how do these do for not killing parts due to static.  I realize that they will not be static shielded, but are they static prone?  I see that Sparkfun has a small electronics kit that comes in a case similar to a lure case.  Does any one have any recommendations for a rigid/semirigid case that would fit in a backpack?  I am thinking something in the size of a standard sheet of paper would be nice.



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Hi guys,
This is what I use and I haven't had any troubles with it and static.

These parts bins are available that home depot.

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i have been using these for a while, bought at home depot on sale. they have a silicone seal, but i'm not sure they would keep my probes dry if submerged.

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at home, I use multiple ice cube trays to hold the small things together and I have a similar box as used by systemstech

will post images in next post, cant put in links here - I think.

BTW, wanted to ask, should I be worried about anti-static, asking this cause I am supposed to be forming electronics kits to be given to engineering students (I just passed my BE last week) and at one or two local universities and I have not yet considered about the anti-static thing, actually, never until now.

I am also making a few single sided arduino boards to be given to students and I was just thinking of putting them in simple small reseal-able plastic bags [again, I will post pics]

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I store my components in Flex-A-Top FT-4 containers. I'll put a label on the top describing the part, and then wrap the sticker that Digi-Key sends (if I got them from Digi-key) around the part so I know what to reorder. Not ESD safe, but very convenient. I used to be able to find them at the Container Store, but they stopped carrying them- I ended up buying a box full of them from US Plastics.

I've used the boxes like people describe above to keep them- They were a little short so they would fall over in the box, so a bit of foam I found in some packing material (flat strips) covered the bottom, and they don't fall over. 

I like the individual container style as I will pull out the boxes to the bench of the parts I need. I can sort them as I want in the box- and since the positions aren't fixed, if I add a new value in between, re-ordering them is pretty easy. Of course, sorting them is pretty important if you ever want to find the part again. Tweezers are necessary to pull the small parts out.