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pirate-loader.c patch to not require jumper

Hey all,

I was having trouble earlier using the v4 bootloader to load new firmware, and after posting on the BP Support forum it was suggested that pirate-loader could be modified to send the '$' character to drop the BP into the bootloader.

I had some trouble with this, and I dont understand exactly how/when things are getting written.  I'd like some feedback in the code, its really weird.
It has some delays and debugging print messages, but if I take out any of them it ceases to work.

For long-term use I think there should be a smarter way to do this (possibly another --flag to pirate-loader), but for now this works for me.


PS: it is really weird magic.  I'm still trying to figure out why removing the random print messages causes it to fail.

svn diff of pirate-loader.c (from trunk/bootloader-v4/pirate-loader/source/) is attached.

Re: pirate-loader.c patch to not require jumper

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.you should  entering the $ on the bp  commandline and see what happens ;)

When removing debug statements breaks things it is either a timing or a bad pointer issue