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Mouser cart / Partslist

I'll be recieving one of the christmas giveaway nudes..

So I built up a mouser cart. ... be5e27c494
There is no price optimizing done, shipped total is 13.05 (for 2.26 more I/You could have one from seed already soldered)

Thanks wiki page for all the links. But there are two issues.
"T1, T2  NPN, 200mA+, 30+hfe transistor (SOT23-BEC) " Is obsoleted
"T4  PNP, 1A+, 40+ hef transistor (SOT23-BEC)" didn't have a link =(

The replacements are the top two items in the mouser cart. If someone would give them a once over for me please....?

The first one is the PNP it was selected from the master parts list.
The second is the NPN, it was selected by checking "most" of the traits on the obsoleted ones page and then grabbing the "gen-pur" part.

Re: Mouser cart / Partslist

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I think those should work, they're just general purpose transistors and just about any small part can  replace them. The important thing it to make sure the pinout is correct as per the diagram here: ... ransistors

The BC81840MTF should work well for the NPN (from master partlist), and the BC80840 from the PNP partlist below would probably work.
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Re: Mouser cart / Partslist

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Thank you Ian!

Rusty/Rookie mistake I'd completely forgot to check the pin outs. (They were correct, but I'll swap them out for the cheaper ones anyway)

Cart updated, with master partslist parts.
replaced T1 and T2 with the BC81816MTF
replaced T4 with BC80840MTF (T4 is a little under spec at 0.8A, but multitudes cheaper than the 2amp one.)
added pcb part annotations.

Total is now 7.50 + shipping, saved 0.56 and 100% peice of mind =)

I only really needed the JP1 Header, and the Diodes, maybe the Ic1. The rest should be in the parts cabinet (somewhere...)