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SOB updates and SeedStudio

I love the SOB board layouts and will be using them for most of my projects. That said I'd love to see Seed do a few things to better support them.

1) More thickness for the LASER cut cases so one could better control stacked plates. If they had a 3.75mm thickness along with the 2.55mm then you could layer plates in 1.25mm increments.

2) Pre-defined panelizing options for the SOB boards. It would be great if I could just send them my layout and get back full panels optimized for each board size. By having a predefined layout all of the fiducial marks would alway be in the same place so you would not have to work about a reorder having the boards in a different location thus having to change a PickNPlace design. If Seed won't do this maybe this could be worked out with another board house.

3) Can you add fiducial marks to the existing SOB templates during the next revision?