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Major changes in the PicProgrammer


First of all, if unsure use "r1816" version of the PiratePicProg, which works and doesn't need any new firmware in buspirate.

I have posted the most recent commit to the SVN. The current changes are:
- changed Interface api:
Read, Write commands are not returning anything, Get Data returns data. This way you don't have to wait for every single command to be completed. You can queue the commands and send them in bulk.
This also means new programing protocol in buspirate (see below)
TODO: change read/write function prototypes.

- changes to Pic24:
the programming is done according to datasheet, no relying on command side-effects.

-Added first PIC16:
added 16f88x family programming protocol. Tested with (ancient) High voltage programming adapter. Supported is read, write, erase, write fuses. (Write user ID is blocked now and should work fine)

support for different word sizes (14, 16, 24 ...), also support for empty check on different word sizes.

-the new firmware:
New protocol has been added to the buspirate (also in SVN). Attached is compiled version that works, but the terminal interface has broken strings (binary mode works fine).

-future work:
add support for pic32
remove some divide by 2 multiply by 2 maddness. (actually word size maddness)
support for busblaster (maybe ?:)

Re: Major changes in the PicProgrammer

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Thanks Robots,

I plan to get a v6.2 out this week. Are you ready for me to include this update?
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Re: Major changes in the PicProgrammer

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Well, the "update" is pretty much stable, I have not noticed any problem with my implementation. And it doesn't change much, mostly adds, so it should be pretty conflict-less. (As for the Firmware).

Re: Major changes in the PicProgrammer

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Any chance an updated compiled version (Windows) can be posted to SVN or here?
Or some instructions on how to compile under Windows. The wiki references CodeBlocks so I downloaded and gave it a shot but it has numerous compile errors with the source that I don't have the experience to resolve.

What I'm looking to do is add a USB bootloader to some PIC18F4550 chips. I can handle the 13v hardware component - just looking for the software side of things.


Re: Major changes in the PicProgrammer

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Please post the compile errors, I might be able to point out some common issues.
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