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Trouble booking Jie En in October?

I am headed back into Shenzhen in October and I was looking forward to showing my wife around and digging through the stalls, as I relieve the fun of Hacker Camp 1.

My plan was to book in at Jie En serviced apartments to hopefully run into some fellow hardware hackers and other english speakers. However wherever I look to book Jie En it is listed as nothing available (same as City Inn) which I find a little surprising so far out, is there some big event on I am unaware of. does provide the chance to book but i need a CN or HK number for confirmation and I have never used them before.

Is it likely they are booked out? Does anyone have a contact E-Mail for the apartment or a website so I can communicate with them directly?

Re: Trouble booking Jie En in October?

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Jie'en doesn't respond very well to email and the site isn't update lately. City inn does change it name more often then a girl clothes ;) You can find them on here: ... -road.html

An alternative is chicagosuites: ... ional.html

Happy hacking ;)


Re: Trouble booking Jie En in October?

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Thanks Sjaak, that's a big help. Managed to come across some other old posts a well that seem to imply Jie En is more for long stays off at least a few weeks than just a few nights and most people deal face to face. Bit of a shame, may just have to be shitty inn although maybe I'll splurge on Chicago suites :)