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Dangerous component/part tester

check this out: ... re=related

its a component tester; you can put the component in any way you like (just connect the pins and hit the button) and it will tell you what component it is; and its stats, along with what color pin is connect to what pin on the component (eg: NPN transistor; EMT=GRN; BASE=RED; COL=PURPLE)

is that sweet? there is also an AVR based one:

That would be sweet DP product

Re: Whats next for dangerous prototypes

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I'd also prefer keeping a SPI connection, since its 50-100X faster than serial

I´m lost in translation, who ask for replace the SPI and use USART transmitting? I think that SPI it´s the only one cheap (free) alternative when we need fast and cheap serial download or control. I used PCI and PCIe and was very challenging but powerfull and involved a lot of trial and error to polish the board for high speed noise. I use USB at max speed or ethernet at 100Mbit and was more easy than PCI in most of cases but I prefer for small distances SPI. Have you ever design something with PXI?

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Great find BrentBXR. +1
Still learning

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I'm not sure how SPI is any faster than 'serial'.  SPI is serial, just synchronously clocked.  Most UARTs today will run well into the mega-bit/s range even with 16x over-sampling.

However if you need to transfer a lot of data, using the 8 bit FIFO interfaces built into the FTDI FT232H, FT2232H, and Cypress FX2LP high speed USB devices can't be beat.  All three can deliver over 20 MBytes/s.

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[quote author="arhi"]This component tester is a great project ... do you know the home page of that avr based one ?[/quote]

I think this is it: ... stortester

Its in german; perhaps Ian can read it :3 Im half german (used to live in den-haag (the hague; Netherlands) but all I know is no, good morning, stuff like that lol.

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google translate works ok and I do know a bit of german so not a big deal ... this looks very interesting, single side board, nice firmware written in c (no asm shit) .. I think I'm making this "asap" :)

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[quote author="arhi"] I think I'm making this "asap" :)[/quote]

:) Me too. Will do it on protoboard to save PCB fabrication time.
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You guys should start a project log; I would be interested to see how it turns out. Are you starting from scratch and just taking ideas and principles from the AVR project? Or are you just re-creating? Either way im sure you will put your own twist and/or modifiy and upgrade where possible.

so please create a project log! If it turns out pretty sweet I will make one too. Infact; if it comes out really sweet; we should all pitch in on getting some PCBS built and split the boards; anyone who wants one can get one for cheap! that would be sweet! Hell if it comes out super super sweet; we may even be able to get DP to jump on the bandwagon and design it with there twist! which you know would be sweet! I would like to see the BP do this... Although; once you start having the BP do stuff like that then all of a sudden it should do this and that too; and you end up getting far far away from what it was and is supposed to be. So I guess a line should be drawn; but thats for Ian to decide of course. Im guessing its for protocol and communication only and Ian has already set that line; but who knows! He may want to expand it...

some lazy calculations; if we kept the board at or under 5cm x 15cm and got the board non-green; we could each get ~3 boards for 15bucks. thats pretty darn good. If we got 5 ppl total; it would be under 10 bucks each :D and of course we would always get it green, then we are talking even cheaper! (I want an un-populated PCB so bad :( I cant win one and have no project ideas to make one.... its killing mee. Ordered two differnt kinds of flux; I bought super slim soilder and even a sharper iron tip... i want to try SMD so badddddddddd. iv all but given up on the PCB drawer, now im looking for left overs or new ideas! I wish Ian sold all his PCBS (as an option; free and/or purchase! that would be sweet.)

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I will just make "identical" pcb and recompile firmware with changes to strings (as I seen some strings are czech or polish or something like that) but that's all, the pcb is as simple as it can be, it's single sided, and it works ... I don't see a reason to add a "twist" :) and don't have time to design it myself (I will of course look trough firmware as I'm interested in principle of operation :D ) but this looks like "better version of super probe"

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can you make me one too? I will compensate you for time and material. I do not have the materials to design PCBs anymore. I dislike etching; so I usually just protoboard these days because I dont have drills and stuff like that to really make a good etched PCB. I live in an apartment; I dont have the space nor the area to drill without annoying neighbors...)

If you could duplicate it and make 2; i would really appreciate it (un-populated is fine; if you could drill where needed that would be sweet. but i will take care of components and compensate (paypal? or other method? let me know)..

Infact; perhaps we could help each other. If you design the PCB I can go through the firmware and fix any translations needed... I dont know enough to update it and make it work *better* yet. but I might be able to save you some time.and compensate (dont want to leave that out. Im not one of those broke hobbiest; i actually make great money for my age. So im serious)

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and if not for any reason, its ok.

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[quote author="BrentBXR"]can you make me one too?[/quote]

I think I will also pay someone to make pcb's for me (Arakis or someone else), I just don't have the nerves to be honest, neither for etching (I always miss something, spill something ..) nor for drilling (I will be making soon a cnc to drill my pcb's but until then ..) and the money it cost to get pcb made is just not worth the time & effort. Or I'll just make on one stripboard ... anyhow I'm sure I will not be etching and drilling them

[quote author="BrentBXR"] I will compensate you for time and material.[/quote]

:D trust me, money is not an issue, seeed's 10 board deal is waaaaaaaay cheaper then my time, I do electronics for fun. I might redesign the board to be smd and order it from seeed (so that it's smaller, faster to assemble ..) but .. I definitely won't be doing anything until I finish with the soldering iron driver. I assume pcb's will arrive in next week or two so that I can start testing... I have some weird issues in simulator attm (simulator show RA4 to be open drain but looking at datashit 18F2550 is not open drain but regular output) so I really need finished boards before I can test the project and output the finished & tested layout + firmware

If I decide to go with itead/seeed you can have one board for sure :D but I'll go that road only if stripboard version don't work

[quote author="BrentBXR"]so I usually just protoboard these days [/quote]

90% of my projects I make on stripboards .. mostly on ones with circles only but sometime the ones with stripes too. They are super cheap, check out seeed: ... 5_188.html and they get the job done for anything trough hole.

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Man SEEEDs great and all; but for protoboard you cannot beat ebay. They have EVERYTHING. (even PCB services; i have not compared prices though).

Poop! Oh well :)

FYI; I just learned when I squeeze my dog he squiks like a toy... hes sitting on my lap atm