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Available pre-assembled?

Hi, is the Flash_Destroyer available in a pre-assembled form? My friend wants to build an art exhibit with a digital clock running in the background, and the Flash_Destroyer seems like an affordable platform to create such a display (without : colon symbols, of course). Obviously, I'll need to break out MPLAB and write some custom firmware, but that should not be too difficult. However, it appears to only be available as a kit, and my friend is not going to solder this thing together. I could do the soldering, too, but that suddenly adds more work on top of the firmware development. Is there any way to get one already assembled?

P.S. I don't care if the Flash is destroyed already, since the repurposed platform won't use it.

Also, if anyone knows of another 7-digit or more platform for around $13.50 or less that could be hacked, please let me know.

Re: Available pre-assembled?

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Hi rsdio,

I'm sorry, we only made it as a kit.
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Re: Available pre-assembled?

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No worries, I can probably solder a couple of these in an hour. It should take less time than the custom firmware.


Re: Available pre-assembled?

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Are these still available as kits or even blank PCB's and documentation?

I would like to test some newer chips.



Re: Available pre-assembled?

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My friend's art project is long over (2011..2019!), but I just thought of another angle:

Does anyone have a spent Flash_Destroyer that they no longer need? I imagine that if you're already burned out the on-board Flash, and really don't want to bother getting a new Flash chip, then maybe you'd like to pass on the board. Contact me via PM if you have one. This isn't anything high priority, I just think it would be fun to have a PIC + LED display around for quick projects.