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Free PCB build

About a year ago I received a free PCB and assembled the circuit. Now it works nicely as mood lamp and I decided to share the result.

First, here is a photo of the circuit sitting in a plastic box from business cards:


The first version of the "LED pod" I built for proof of concept. It looks really ugly, but did its job:


The LEDs came originally in crystal clear packages, so I sanded them with some fine sandpaper in order to make them "diffused" to better blend the different colours. I used 4 Red, 4 Green and 4 Blue LEDs for this proof of concept board.

After a while I decided to make the LED pod a little bit brighter, so I bought from eBay some PCBs like this one:


This took me about half a day to build due to the time required to "diffuse" all 24 LEDs :)

From the proof of concept board I noticed the red colour is noticeably dimmer compared to the other two, so this time I just doubled the red LEDs and the new LED pod now contains 6 green, 6 blue and 12 red LEDs.

And here is how the finished mood lamp looks now:


The globe is from an Ikea lamp I bought cheaply (something like £5) and blends the LED colours nicely.


Re: Free PCB build

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Nice work. A free PCB code is on the way :)
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