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Hey together,

I wanted to know how can I setup the IP of the #twatch without DHCP ??
What is the best way?



Hallo zusammen,

ich würde gerne die "IP-Adresse" der #twatch manuell setzen (ohne DHCP)
Was wäre der beste weg?

Danke schon mal

Re: IP-Setup

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I'm afraid the only way to set a static IP is to compile the firmware with those options and the desired IP.
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Re: IP-Setup

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Isn't there some sort of zeroconf in the microchip stack? It does have some device discovery techniques.

Zeroconf/IP4LL is basically to choose a random IP in a specific /24 and then announce it via broadcast/multicast.
If another host already has taken that address it will respond and the first host chooses a new random IP.

The downside is that with IP4LL addressing all (or at least some important ones) devices on the LAN pretty much has to support mDNS, multicast DNS

But it is cool.