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LTSpice IV

Anyone have a clue how to get this darn thing to work :(

I have a super simple example here, voltage source and 2 resistors. What I want is to add noise to readout of one of the resistors. I can (as you see commented on the pic) do the .STEP PARAM Rx from to step and it works ok, but what I want is to use white() or rand() or random() function (that I see in the ltspice manual) to add garbage on that resistor but I can't manage to get it running. Everything I try I get stuff like: "cant find definition of model white" or "can't find definition of model time" or "can't resolve .param rx=white(time)" ...

So if you know how to make this happen - please share :)


Re: LTSpice IV

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Glad I could help.