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Any luck with Windows 8?

I managed to disable driver signing, and got it to work with OLS exactly once, now it captures without any input (flat line)
I tried uninstalling and re-installing, and no love.

I took it back to a windows 7 machine, and everything (ols capture, winlirc) worked fine.

Re: Any luck with Windows 8?

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Never mind!  There's apparently something noisy/weird that blocks the usbirtoy coming from the device I was trying to debug (lazertag teamops)

I'll try to post exact instructions on the unsigned driver install soon. (though you can google the error message, and get a pretty good description.)


Re: Any luck with Windows 8?

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that helped for me:
... Sorry, can't post links as new user - so:
1. Press Alt-I to open a Settings panel. Chose PC Settings  (in the bottom) - Advanced startup - Restart now.
    On the blue screen select Troubleshoot, Advanced options, Startup Settings. Click Restart button.
2. When computer is rebooting the blue screen with Startup settings appears. Choose the 7th bullet "Disable driver signature enforcement".
3. After computer is started just repeat the driver installation process. But this time the Windows Security dialog pops up with a "Windows can't verify publisher of this driver software" warning.