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look at RAMPS ...

it is arduino mega shield that has drivers etc ...

You can use any of the available reprap firmware's for arduino: ... stallation
or any other ..

Note that most of them don't parse g-code on the arduino but parse it on the host (hence your cnc is computer controled and not stand alone) but they all work nicely and are great starting point to go forward (and should be super simple to recompile on 32mx)

Re: PICqueño chipKIT/Arduino clone

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[quote author="sqkybeaver"]
as i don't have any cnc equipment now something that could be ported from an avr based arduino would make it an easier project than starting from scratch.[/quote]

Have you considered using EMC2 as a controller along with some stepper drivers?

I've been messing with a design derived from a mantis and it's working out pretty well.

I guess it depends on how big of a project you want, getting an MCU to deal with g-code and/or coordinated motion control is certainly a bit more challenging than letting EMC2 take care of it for you (there's also things like "homing", cutter compensation, etc) that you get for free with EMC.

Having an available PC is certainly a factor - I had and old PC laying around that was perfect.

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emc2 works perfectly and adding special commands is fairly simple, but it require pc with real parallel port and those are not really easily available these days... it is not that easy any more to find machine with lpt and I have not found any pci-e boards that offer "Real" lpt .. usb stuff won't work so ..

as for mcu, as I mention, you have a completely open source solution around arduino platform that handles 4 axes (XYZ + extruder), limit switches on all sides, homing, cleaning... it has pid control for the thermal control ...  and you have skeinforge that is completely free and open source slicer tool that can generate g-code.


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we need a little cleanup in this thread