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OLS Client theme


I need do make some screenshots of several captures and add them to few documentations.

Since i don't want to print on paper too many black screens capture backgrounds, i try to change the properties of the jawi OLS client 0.9.4.

I noticed that all the color options are disabled.... :-(
So is there a way to add some custom theme with clean white background ?

Thank you

Re: OLS Client theme

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User defined themes is to be implemented along with the new display component. But, I see other possibilities:

  • use the 'light' theme, which provides you a white background and dark blue signals;
  • export the capture as Value Change Dump (VCD) and import it with Gtkwave or Scansion (which do support other color schemes already) to make the final image.

when good software is not an alternative...


Re: OLS Client theme

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Thank you for the information.

I will try it at work on monday