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new to the forum

hullo everyone,

There does not seem to be a forum for this question or an answer in this one so here goes:-

I want to buy a buspirate for hobby use, mostly for ham radio and photography projects. I'll be interfacing with I2C devices and LCD displays and the ability to use the device as a frequency counter is interesting as is the ability to interface with a scripting language. One of the projects I have in mind will use Linux (probably Ubuntu) to talk to I2C devices.

So, two questions. Should i just buy a version 3 Pirate or wait for version 4? Secondly who should i buy the BP from? All other things being equal I would like to buy from the seller who puts most back into the BP project. I live in England, there are three or four Sparkfun resellers here. There are a number of sellers on EBay but the prices are so low that I wonder if they are "Bus pirate pirates"....

Thanks for your help,


Re: new to the forum

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Hi g0xar,

v4 is still a long ways away. You can get the prototype hardware at Seeed Studio, but it could be months or years before it is ready for actual use.

It's just great to see people enjoy the project, so anywhere you buy it is fine with me :) We get the most back when you buy from Seeed Studio directly. They make our Bus Pirates. We also have a number of resellers of the 'official' hardware from Seeed, none in the UK but there are two in Germany. We also get a kick-back for the SparkFun Bus Pirates, but not nearly as much as from our own sales.
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Re: new to the forum

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Hi Ian,
thanks for the post. As Seeend is out of stock I'll get a V3 one from Germany.
Keep up the good work.