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Arduino Centipede Shield

Arduino Centipede Shield  (64 General-Purpose Digital I/O)

The Centipede Shield is an add-on PCB for standard layout (Duemilanova, Diecimila) Arduino microcontroller boards. It uses the Wire I2C interface on analog pins 4 and 5 to provide 64 general purpose I/O pins.

This means that each pin can be assigned as an input or output, just like the standard digital pins on the Arduino. A library is provided that makes it easy to access the pins from Arduino code. The library commands are extremely similar to the existing pinMode, digitalWrite and digitalRead commands.

The Centipede Shield is just good old true bidirectional I/O ... The Centipede Shield is useless for analog and in fact steals two of the Arduino's analog inputs ... The Centipede Shield is fire and forget, no multiplexing or strobing. It's more like a row of shift registers, except you can set input pins and software pullups and do interrupts on a pin change, etc.

MaceTech  ($19.99)