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MHVLib - Efficient Library for AVR MCU's

MHVLib - An Efficiency Oriented Library for AVR Microcontrollers

Much of the efficiency gains comes from addressing some of the key design deficiencies of the Arduino runtime - we do not store pin/port information in tables in flash, needlessly preallocate objects nor dictate that excessively large buffers must be used. Instead, control of these are handed over to the developer at compile time. Our design philosophy is simple - whereas the Arduino trades off efficiency for ease of use, we are targetting experienced developers who want more from their systems, so we trade off ease of use for efficiency.

Whats Implemented:

- Digital I/O
- Timers
- Serial
- External Interrupts
- Servo control
- Analogue to digital
- Hardware PWM
- Software PWM Matrix (for passive LED matrices)
- Gamma correction - calculate on the fly, or lookup tables (recommended)
- Fast synchronous serial shifter (untested)
- Software H Bridge for driving naked transistors (with PWM support)
- Realtime Clock

To Do:

- Optimise servo library
- Add interrupt declarations for all microcontrollers
- Input Capture for timers
- Power Saving
- A/D Triggers
- Documentation
- Full functionality of the Arduino runtime