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Re: One Chip Arduino

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This O baka does USB in software.  It would be interesting to use an AVR which handles USB in hardware, but I believe those are not available in DIP.  By the time you change to SMD, you go from 28-pin to 32-pin and you have the Nano, except if they replaced the ATmega328 with the ATmega32U2 or preferably the AT90USB162 and removed the FTDI.

Actually, a one-sided Nano would be cool.  Replace the giant crystal can with the smaller crystals we're using now, and remove the FTDI chip, and it could probably done without the extra cost of two-sided SMD placement.  But that wouldn't be O baka!

Re: One Chip Arduino

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Ardweeny  ($9.95)


- Fully Arduino-compatible!
- Stacks onto the back of an ATmega328 chip (included)
- Takes same 28-pin footprint as the microcontroller itself!
- Features Pin-13 LED and reset button
- Simple construction - only 7 parts plus pins & PCB!
- Ideal for breadboard applications

Note: Requires external USB-to-TTL FTDI-type cable or adapter

Re: One Chip Arduino

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I really like these type of breadboard friendly pieces. They really help when prototyping. I couldn't find an AVR board but for PICs I found two versions: one for PIC18F250, the other one for PIC18F4550. Although I have a board that has 18F4550 (named SUboard II), I am planning to get one of these for prototyping easily.