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PIC programmer 13volt (VPP) supply ?.


I'm putting together a collection of circuits for the PIC programmer 13volt VPP supply.

I'm going to prototype a charge pump and a boost converter. The boost converter will be able to make lots of voltages, up to hundreds of volts, but I plan to clamp it at <20 with a zener. I'm also going to try making the boost converter with a BC547 transistor instead of a FET, because the PIC is only 3.3volts and most FETS want 5v for full-on.


Re: PIC programmer 13volt (VPP) supply ?.

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There was a project like that at one point but it's abandoned at this point. But maybe schematics and other resources will help you:

There was also another board that was designed for BPv4, which used the PWM output from PIC. But cannot find it in the documents for whatever reason.