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Topic: Problem with "Bus Blaster v4.1.a" / warning : TDO seems to be stuck at 1 (Read 223 times) previous topic - next topic

Problem with "Bus Blaster v4.1.a" / warning : TDO seems to be stuck at 1

Hello Dangerous Prototypes Forum Team!

I received my order today. The order includes a Bus Blaster v4.1a. Unfortunately, I have a problem.

I connected the bus blaster to a laptop. This laptop is operated with the Ubuntu (20.04 LTS) operating system. I installed URJTAG with the command "sudo apt-get install urjtag". I connected the bus blaster with a USB cable. The Power PWR LED lights up green. The LED next to resistor R9 is dark. The Target Power and Mode jumpers are closed. The mode jumper is in "normal" mode. (Pin 1 and 2 closed). The JTAG connector is not connected to a device!

I have now followed the instructions from the site ( and started Jtag with the command:


The program starts. Version JTAG 0.10 # 2007

Then the command

cable ft2232 pid = 0x6010 vid = 0x0403 interface = 1

was entered.

I get the message Connected to libftdl driver.

After the command "detect" I get the message

warning: TDO seems to be stuck at 1"

Isn't that intended for the internal test? Or? So this self-test has not been passed. He has something on the test data output

Actually I should get this message after the command. This is indicated on the page (

Quote  :
>cable ft2232 pid=0x6010 vid=0x0403 interface=1
 IR length: 8
 Chain length: 1
 Device Id: 00000110111000011100000010010011 (0x06E1C093)
  Manufacturer: Xilinx (0x093)
  Part(0):      xc2c32a-vq44 (0x6E1C)
  Stepping:     0
  Filename:     /usr/share/urjtag/xilinx/xc2c32a-vq44/xc2c32a-vq44

What did I do wrong? What did I misunderstand? Or do I have a defective one on the new board? What else can I do? Thank you for your help.

Regards, Sven