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Re: Really universal soldering controller

4-layer boards revision 5.2C published here:

Updated schematics here:

- 4 layer boards for front, back and OLED, with better routing (should be dead silent now)
- Added protection and filtering on ID MCU pin
- Slightly modified filtering of SLEEP signal
- SLEEP connected to ADC for future support of tip-change
- Removed 7-segment indicator headers
- Added header for rotary encoder
- Changed connectors between front and back boards from 4 to 6 pin, for separate power line to OLED display
- Added filtering between OLED and analog/MCU power
- Changed input diodes to DPAK FERD diodes (any diodes will work, FERD are just the best choice)
- Changed the TVS to SMC package
- Changed fuse holder to one-side SMD to be able to mount heatsink on the back board easily if further cooling is needed

The BOMs need to be updated (added 11 capacitors, 1 resistor, 1 inductior, changed 2 connectors). I don't know when I will be able to do this, so feel free to participate. There are no new positions, just quantity of some of the components goes up, apart from changed diodes, TVS and connectors.

Nothing is tested so far. If someone starts to sell assembled boards, let me know - I won't have enough time in the near future to assemble one myself, so I will have to buy one.

And, the last but not the least - the big (maybe) difference will be seen from persons using larger displays that have larger current consumption and noise. For example on my controllers with 0.96 displays, the difference will be really small, if any at all, so the old boards behave pretty much the same on majority of cases, and there is no need to buy the new ones, expecting a miracle, if you didn't have problems with noise so far.

hi, Sparkybg,
 Can ferd20h100sb-tr be substituted?