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TMP245 ADV pick and place help required

I have seen some discussion regarding the Neoden pick and place machines. I have purchased the TMP245P ADV and looking for some info regarding setup. The supplied videos do not give enough detail for me.
I have a PCB design that has been panelized into 4 board per panel and do not have the pick and place file for the panel but do have the original PCB file for the Board I laid up in Protel DXP and can generate a Pick and Place file for the board. What I need to understand is how to locate the starting position for the panel and then how to set up the machine to treat the panel as 4 identical boards with at certain x and y offset. I think the machine calls the boards "Circuits" but that is all I know.

Finally, I cannot see how you can set up a tray of components. I have a tray of TQPF micros that I want to place and the online demo show it doing this but no tutorial how to set it up.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: TMP245 ADV pick and place help required

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for the panel I think you need to add some lines in the csv file maybe it's the same like TM240A.

%   Jointed Board   X   Y
65535   3   73   0
65535   3   0   83
65535   3   73   83

You see 3 additional boards defined using 3 coordinate sets.

Did you receive a manual from NEODEN?

Maybe they can send you additional information.


Re: TMP245 ADV pick and place help required

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Thanks. I did receive a manual but is a bit hard to follow in places.
I have managed to get my Pick and place file from DXP and converted using their stack management software. Using this software I was able to provide my panel info (x and y offsets and number of boards).
Currently, I am playing around with setting up the origin on my panel using the laser markers and will then step through the file and check the heads move to the correct location before attempting a run of boards

Re: TMP245 ADV pick and place help required

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For the panelized board,yes,just set the offset values of X/Y under the item "Circuit"-same as you said above.

As for the IC setting which packed by Tray,you just need turn to the Stack-S(Special Stack)95-99,Stack 90-94 is for vibration feeders.
If you don't find the stack number(95-99),you just need creat a new line.TM245P model can support total 5 kinds of IC in one time.When you turn to the "edit" interface of "Stack 95-99",you will find three items:ChipX/Y,Loop X/Y,SizeX/Y.
Chip X/Y mean the center distance value from each two adjoining ICs by X/Y direction.
LoopX/Y mean total quantities of ICs by X/Y direction.
Size X/Y mean the IC's size(width*length)-include foot length.

Hope above info can help you,if need more technical support,pls feel free contact:  Skype:tonny-neoden

Re: TMP245 ADV pick and place help required

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Re: TMP245 ADV pick and place help required

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I managed to fit my own camera and it works well.
Just one thing, does anyone have a link to latest script for producing pick n place file from Eagle ?

The one I found so far is dated from 2013 and I suspect there have been updates since.

Thank you

Re: TMP245 ADV pick and place help required

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Re: TMP245 ADV pick and place help required

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