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Any disruption?

What sort of disruption are the current challenges in China causing with PCB production and shipping? Are orders being processed at all and what sort of delays might we experience? Also, is shipping impacted at all - I know many passenger flights are being cancelled, is freight getting through?

I hope all is well with the DPCB team!

Re: Any disruption?

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Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, China has been suffering and facing huge challenges all the time. Thanks to the efforts of the government and all society, the situation is getting better. ALLPCB deeply attached to our customers and hope to take the products to you as soon as possible. According to the national policy, our factory has partially resumed production, as have some express companies. It is expected that our factory full-scale production will start on 18th to 20th, and many orders will be delivered at that time. Besides, don’t worry about shipping, DHL we cooperated with has its own flights.
An electronic engineer from ALLPCB.