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Topic: Does a non-selftest buffer exist for BBv4.1a (Read 393 times) previous topic - next topic

Does a non-selftest buffer exist for BBv4.1a

Hello everyone,

I am still trying to get my BusBlaster v4.1a to work.
The last time I tried to get it to work I reprogrammed the CPLD buffer logic with the following file:

Today I found an other svf file that I didn't see before:

If I see this correctly both svf files are identical. Is there something that I am missing?
Especially because the manual says
We highly recommend users upgrade to a non-selftest buffer immediately.

Someone mentioned this before but nobody replied to that so I am trying it again.

Re: Does a non-selftest buffer exist for BBv4.1a

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The self-test buffer has some test connections for production testing. I believe they should mostly be hidden, but to guarantee that the self test doesnt activate in normal use it is best to use the non-self test buffer.
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