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Featues question

I know that the #twatch can aggregate some stuff from twitter but what about watching a single or small set of users.  My friend would like to have a Woot Checker that grabs the current woot deals and shows them on a small screen.  I was thinking about designing and building this myself but if the #twatch can do this for me that would be easier.  I could probably write some code to do this but I have never worked with twitter before.

Re: Featues question

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hi drbobbob- The #twat doesn't currently do that, but it might be possible to write firmware to do it. An easier way would be to grab the data with a PC and send it to the #twatch TCP port, then the only programming is on a computer instead of a microcontroller. Here's the how-to on network backpack mode: ... d-smartie/
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