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Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
Last post by krofek -
Hi guys.

I bought allready soldered together Unisolder from tindie.
When assembling it, i mistakenly reversed polarity on DC input.
I fixed this by replacing all 4 diodes for MBR2060CD.
Unisolder springed to life. I am using it with JBC 245 (clone) and original JBC cartidges.

But there is still something weird happening:
When I turn on the unisolder (after it has been turned off for at least 5 minutes) evertyhing works normally and OK. Cartridge heats up, and works perfectly.
But if I swap cartridge it only says NO INSTRUMENT. Same thing happens if you turn off and back on station immediately after it has been powered on previously.
Since I thought that this is obvious problem with handle, i soldered crocodile wires on connector.
With that I learned something new: If you connect all 3 crocodiles on cartridge, you cannot get it to work except if you disconnect the "red" wire until it displays temperature (for very short time aka 0,5s) and then quickly reconnect it. This method works every time.

What can I check and or replace so that I could swap out cartridges and it would work normally?
Tried reflashing sofware over usb from sparkybg github, no change in behavior.

When it actually works, it works perfectly.
IMHO best soldering iron I ever seen :)

Thanks for any info.
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
Last post by tronix -
your PCB are assembled from non-original components by 80%.

What about the poor soldering and burnt Cap film :(, if I ever do that mistake it will cost me a new cap but since I pay attention I will never do that. If this board was not for sale, it will be good but if you are going to sell something I cannot accept that you give a board that was in a tornado, almost nothing is aligned and attention to soldering detail is NULL.

Re Fake U5, It is a clone and it should perform like a genuine one so I do not think it is the issue here but if you are going to cheat with the MCU for 2USD why I have to trust the rest of the components.
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
Last post by elkewerner -
I do not have a camera that can focus that little detail what I have is my mobile S20 which is very bad at focus. My U5 is also yellow paint like WerVa shall we change it or  does not make difference that it is not real? I should have more parts soon and hope it will fix this 511c.

Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
Last post by tronix -
These are the photos of my board, maybe someone will find something disturbing

This is the 1st time I am seeing back and front from LoveDiy and I can notice some parts are equivalent.

The other parts that are listed in BOM are most likely fake such as the U5, the genuine one does not have that colour.
If I forget the above it looks good.  It has some minor defects in soldering which I would not leave on the PCB however that is me that I want it perfect and it should not affect in any way the performance.