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General discussion / Re: AVR Dragon Tips or mods
[quote author="matseng"]
I think my dragon won't fit in that box :-(

Ok Mats;
Has the dragon board changed dimensions? If not you could always just use the bottom half to protect the board.
Or I could just print a case thats taller to fit the daughter board you've created.
What color?
General discussion / Re: AVR Dragon Tips or mods
[quote author="Bertho"]
- Make a proper case (or at least a base) for it that is stable.

Well here is my version of a case for my Dragon. Looks good and it only took three prints before I got it right.

DragonBoxTop.jpg by systems tech, on Flickr

20130819_180633.jpg by systems tech, on Flickr

20130819_180704.jpg by systems tech, on Flickr

20130819_180809.jpg by systems tech, on Flickr

I think I'll print another one in red or black. Bertho, Mats, If you want one let me know what color you want it in and pm me your info.
Next I am working on a BB for the zif socket and a BB for a 44 pin test socket.

brd by systems tech, on Flickr

sch by systems tech, on Flickr

I still need to adjust the headers alignment next to the socket. So this version is not right yet.
General discussion / Re: AVR Dragon Tips or mods
I like your ideas. I'll post some pic as soon as I solder the headers on. About the buffering of the  high load ICSP header, Do you buffer all the pins or just the ones you use for certain chips?
Project logs / Completed my QuarterK
Hi everyone;

I Finally got around to putting together my QuarterK, that Mats sent me a while ago.
I think Mats should change the name to "Mind Bender" for all(32) of the tiny resistors that you have to bend and solder.  :-)

Oh, Mats you need to update the QuarterK.h and QuarterK.cpp.
Change #include "WProgram.h" to  #include "Arduino.h" so that the program will run with Arduino 1.0 and above.
Cool little shield, I think I'll add a analog thumb joystick BB to it.

20130813_064218.jpg by systems tech, on Flickr


20130813_080409.jpg by systems tech, on Flickr
General discussion / Re: Nice & cheap finds at eBay
Hi Mats;
I have some of those 5w cool white leds in my old style desk lamp.

Front on shot of leds by systems tech, on Flickr

Old Lamp by systems tech, on Flickr

Got them on ebay for $15.99 about two month ago, now $12.74
Still working on the on/off switch, needs to handle 12v @ 10a and have one switch for on and one for off.
Will probably use some 12mm Tactile Button Switches, N-channel power MOSFET - 30V / 60A and make a soft switch.
General discussion / Re: My account was deleted completely
[quote author="dpropicweb"]No, at least in this instance, it was a physical person. I know only too well because it was me. It was not intentional, it was my mistake. I've explained the circumstances and apologised to MickM.[/quote]

Man I'll sleep alot better now that I know that dproicweb is on the job and my measly 200+ post are safe. :-)