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Breakout boards / Same sick of beige case?
Are you going to be using the same sick of beige case as the V1.x design?
Or are you guys moving stuff around enough that it won't work?

And would putting the resettable fuses in parallel give you 2.5A max (for 2) instead of just 1.25?  If so, for folks that want it, why not just put 4 footprints in places for the fuses and they can add more as needed?
Bus Blaster JTAG debugger / thought V3 was basically moving connectors?
So it'll fit into a case more easily?

V4 is the redesign w/ bigger buffers, etc.
It'd be nice if it were compatible w/ the segger j-link but I doubt that's possible because that uses a xilinx fpga (though the fleabay cloners have done a good job copying it :-)