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Project development, ideas, and suggestions / [Sugestion] USB 3.0 breakout board ... ations.php

It seems cypress is making a EZ USB 3 chips with embeded 200MHZ ARM926EJS  core, they should be on sale for less then 10$. IMO it would be cool to design a breakout board that could be sold with the chip soldered on it, since for many ball soldering is beyond DIY. 

A storng MCU like that with USB 3.0 embeded, would open doors to lots of high speed PC projects,like Logic analysers, DSOs, spectrum analisers, etc etc.
Project development, ideas, and suggestions / Rise/Fall time measurment circuit
Hi, i would like to devop a standalone circuit that would measure rise and fall time, with the posibilty to measure propagation delay as well.

I have two ideas and would like you to point out witch would be more realistic, cheap, but still retain a resolution of 1ns.

both ideas require Ultra high speed comparatos to initiate measurment. one to start the measurment at 10%vcc, the other to stop it at 90%. thus create a impuse the lenght of the rise time.

idea 1, digital. (dont even know if it is posible to do low cost)
a 1GHz clock, that would tick a counter. controled trough the previus impuls trough a AND gate. by simply reading the count you get how many ns have passed. maybe a 500mz could be used with a counter that counts on bouth  the rising and falling edge.

idea2. analog. the impulse activate a constant current source that charges a capacitator, by measuring the voltage you chould get a liner representation of time, again I am unsure if there are fast enough op amps, or switches that would alow this to be developed cheaply. all imput is very welcome. here a opamp integrating circuit seems posible, but it would have to be ultra fast.
Project development, ideas, and suggestions / [SUGG.] DP bench integration board
I know this would probably never take wind, but its an Idea I like to share.

It would be Board that integrates bench top DP projects, like bus pirate, bus blaster, OSLS, the DSO, the upcoming PS...

the board would have a usb hub, and powersupply distribution.

for this to work there would have to be some changes/or not to existing DP PCB. the idea is to have all the DP projects have an extension to their PCB  for a PCI type board to board interface.
and for them all to be able to plug into the integration board, like pci cards plug into a motherboard.

the point is that all the diferent PCB would still retain their mobility in the sence that they could alwasy be unpluged from the integration board and be standalone products, with their own power supply and usb conectivity.

ofcourse this could be done even today with a usb hub and a powersuply board that would have all the conections made trough wires, but that would look like a Big mess of wires,