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CPLD programmable logic / Re: XC95144XL Breakout Boards?
I've asked Ian about the assembled xc95144xl boards, in about a month there will be some free pcbs, a few months after that, If the design checks out ok, we'll start to sell them, assembled.
CPLD programmable logic / Re: XC95144XL Breakout Boards?
cool, I didn't pay attention to that, I was just trying to have as little as possible of two signals crossing each other, on different planes of course. though all bottom pins over a huge ground plane, just before they are attached to the pins there is a break in the ground, this is of course not possible to avoid because of the through hole pin-headers, I could make SMD connections for the bottom pin-header that would fully comply with the before mentioned rule set.

From what I am aware that LDO has 150mA capability, I think there are 300mA LDO in the same package available..

PS. probably in a month a short supply will become available through our free pcb program, this is just a educated guess on my part, it could take longer then that...
P.S.S. I am not sure when and If we will be selling assembled versions, I'll ask Ian about it.
Project logs / Re: PICquino32 DIP Free PCB Build
[quote author="pietja"]Sorry for the late replay, of course its ok to use it and all my other pictures on the wiki (with the CC license).[/quote]
Project logs / Re: HAKKO (907ESD) and SOLOMON (SL-10/30) soldering iron dri
[quote author="arhi"] I'll start making that one when I finish some more experiments with existing one and then we'll see if Arakis can make that one on a single sided board too :D [/quote]

Bring it on :D
But, seriosly I myself would like to work with a larger uC, once the Xtal, ICSP,USB, and UART are connected you are seriusly underpined with a 28pin device.

I built my own SID a few months ago(not the DP one featured here) for solomons only, I used a 14pin device, and  it was so seroisly consticting that I had to make some seriusly poor engeneering choices just to get it to fit, which is the reason I didn't share my schematics and pcbs..
CPLD programmable logic / Re: XC95144XL Breakout Boards?
I probably could have used the "signal" command in eagle to connect pins in the pcb layout editor, but I haven't figured out a way how to back annotate to the schematic the connections made in the PCB.
CPLD programmable logic / Re: XC95144XL Breakout Boards?
As for the time its difficult to say. This board took about 10h-16h to make from idea to gerbers. A few hours was spent on figuring out how to make the lib-model of the CPLD, it's the first time I used the technique of using a script to make the symbol from the bsdl file. 80% of the rest of the time was spent choosing which pins to connect on the schematic so that the pins align on the PCB. Actual routing took maybe 1-2hs.  Btw I am a novice at this, I am pretty sure there are people here that could have done this in half the time.
Project development, ideas, and suggestions / Re: TQFP 100 Break out for Microchip devices
Some updates:
I checked datasheet for pic32s and pic24FJ.
PIC32s all chips in tqfp100 pack are supported by this board, only the ICSP PGD and PGC pins are not connected to ICSP header, they are connected to the side headers though.

PIC24FJ all chips in tqfp100 packs are fully supported. ICSP is connected here.

PS. my initial idea was to make it fro pic24fj and I chose to break out the PGD3 and PGC3 pins to the ICSP header, unfortunately PIC32s don't have PGD3 and PGC3 pins.
Project logs / Re: SILtheDIL
One thing to note, the boards were made exactly to 10cm length wise, the two SIL holes at the corners are barely on the board.

*off topic never change your chemicals for developing uv boards, I wasted a whole 16cm by 10cm, board to make just these 3 small boards, trying to get the concentrations right
Project logs / SILtheDIL
Seeing as many MCU demonstration boards use DIL pin headers on either side of a board, which is impossible to implement into a Breadboard. I decided to make a rather crude and simple adapter that converts 2X20 DIL to a 1x40 SIL.

The 2x20 header could be female or male, depending if you want to stick your module directly into the adapter, or use a cheap HDD ATA 40 ribbon cable.. here are the pics and eagle files for the project. The pics were taken before the boards were cleaned of flux, so lots of brown gooey stuff is there :D