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#twatch network LCD backpack / Re: New Twatch Assembly
Hi Ian thanks for the reply! I've just got another really basic question. Should I bend the ends of the pins to create joints for soldering? Or is there another technique I should use?
#twatch network LCD backpack / New Twatch Assembly
I just got my Twatch. I ordered the version without the LCD attached to the PCB. I’m somewhat new to this stuff; this will actually be my first soldering project. I really want to learn. So I just want to make sure that I’m set, and that I’m assembling it properly.

Just from looking at the LCD and the PCB, I’ve noticed that I’ve got sixteen pins and sixteen pinholes so I’m assuming that those are what I need to solder? Is there anything else that I need to do beside that?

Also I know that I need to pickup a cover for the jumpers and an AC Adapter, aside from that does anyone have any tips?