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Project logs / Re: PIC24 Bedside Table Alarm Clock
[quote author="Lordoftheflies1"][quote author="neslekkim"]I quess the two similar posts there are just spam :)
But hey, I liked those retro transistor look![/quote]

Well considering i've already handbuilt my alarm clock and gave it as a gift to my wife, I can hardly say I don't continue through with what I say I will do.

Thanks buddy, kinder words should be chosen next time.[/quote]

Ah, sorry!
Re-reading it, I'm not sure what I thought.. have been lot of kitchen posts around here.. (which are spam)
Hardware biz / Re: DP Hacker Stores
I ordered a few of the breakout boards on that shop now, I guess those are also made with the dirtypcb?, so they will be usable to se how dirtypcb performs?
General discussion / Re: this forum, and spam -email
well, my location is not banned according to the blacklist check.

But it is the forum that sends me notification emails, and those are sent into my spamfolder.. if blacklisting should work, then it should be the senders ip adress, that is, dp, that was blacklisted since it's Google that identifies these emails as spam and put them in my spamfolder in my gmail account..
General discussion / this forum, and spam -email
Lately, Google have changed its policy regarding emailspam, so for some reason, all email from the forum notifications I get from this forum is now sent to my spam box..

Is that something that can be changed?
Project logs / Re: My HAKKO classic and T12/T15 soldering controller
[quote author="mrjoda"]order PCBs from itead studio, you will pay probably 38$ for 12 PCBs and small amount of postage. Itead do job very well[/quote]

Yes, but I think Altium is used, I cannot open the PcbDoc files to generate needed gerbers and such :(