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Project development, ideas, and suggestions / Re: Dangerous component/part tester
Oh and two of you will be getting a surprise! I left two PCB's in an envelope; taped inside; in my truck; for weeks now... so that tape (a paper sticker really) has really cooked itslef onto those two boards... :D I left a little sorry note; just simply clean it off with some iso. alcohol and your good to go!
Project development, ideas, and suggestions / Re: Dangerous component/part tester
Sorry everyone I have been off of DP for a while now due to personal problems (sucks when real life gets in the way of your fun :P).

Anyways; I have 4 PCBs left. I was going to keep them for myself but because the people who did get them apparently did not build them up or share there experinces with us... So the 4 left I will be sending to anyone who WILL build it up and share... Note that users who are active in the forum (thus posts) will get priority over the people who just created an account to PM me for a PCB...

Also note; there was a few people who I listed in the 'to send too' list that never did get there PCBs; I am sorry about this. The list got all out of wack and like I said real life got in the way... So I sent those out (that includes you Milton and FourthDr and a couple more). So expect those.

Im sending JUST the PCB and nothing else; you will need to visit the SVN to get the shematic and part list. The ones I sent out had the error schematic with the wrong resistor values; so I decided this go around they will just have to look them up themselves on the accurate SVN pages.

so yeah; if your really interested in building this up and sharing... PM me your address, in or out of USA doesnt matter. (For out of the states the calculator usually says ~2-3$ in postage so I have just been placing a 4.50$ stamp... will this be OK? i dont send mail often)

(ps. good work on the wiki mick; me likey)
General discussion / Re: Processing
Interesting; so really besides being super simple its not better for any project over csharp or whatever language you perfer? Or would you say if you want to get a simple PC side app running quickly; processing would be a viable solution?
General discussion / Processing
Anyone here familure with Processing? The language i guess?

Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to create images, animations, and interactions. Initially developed to serve as a software sketchbook and to teach fundamentals of computer programming within a visual context...

I have seen it being used in a couple projects seen on hackaday or whatever; it seems to be some sort of visual programming language. but I am very confused about it; so I was hoping someone could shed some light on what exactly this is and how usful it could be over just using; say; visual studio express for PC side applications?

One project that really interests me at the moment is utilizing optical mouse camera's. I have not attempted yet but a few youtube searches brought up some nice projects and the best ones both used 'Processing' to visually capture the site data; and from the source posted it looks like it takes minimal effort to design a very nice GUI. I guess it already has serial support and is based around visual design; so its a good choice for the project.

but can anyone explain how it really works? or what its really for? When would you decide to utilize processing over say csharp or what have you?

Thanks in advance.
General discussion / Re: Programming IDE's
Just thought I would share this; I found a GREAT plugin for my favorite IDE, eclipse. The plugin is called subclipse and it is an SVN plugin created and upkept by the SVN 'team'.

This plugin is awesome because it knows its role; it doesnt try to be in the lime light by having buttons and menus everywhere like some plugins (always want there plugin to shine where its not needed) but in areas where it is usfull they made sure to make it easily ecessible and usable.

So for example; I have my own personal (and public) svn I started recently; after getting this plugin I have been able to simply right click on some of my workspace projects and upload them to my google code SVN by a simply menu press; now they are up and being tracked and taken care of via this plugin. Its great; you can easily see logs; compare revisions; see sync; and much more... I was also able to easily import other SVNs into workspace projects with it. Its overall a VERY well written plugin and does its job perfectly.

So anyone who utilizes eclipse should have this plugin if they use SVNs alot or not. Just search the plugin marketplace for 'subclipse'.

just fyi.
General discussion / Programming IDE's
Hey guys;

I am just wondering which IDE's you all use. I know differnt MCU's somtimes require differnt IDEs, like in my case; I use Eclipse for AVR's; and MPLAB for PICs. I would prefer to use Eclipse for all but I cannot find a dependible and easy to use plugin for PIC programming with Eclipse.

So I enabled the poll to allow up to 3 votes each; so please dont vote for the same item 3 times. Just vote for the ones you use once; so for example im voing 1 for eclipse and 1 for mplab.

If you select other; please post which IDE and for what MCU you use.

Project logs / Re: GPS Display Time Standard
[quote author="arhi"][sup:][/sup:]
@brent, gps uses particle fountain data from ground station combined with local atomic clock so it's super accurate, pc time server is eventually linked to particle fountain but it has it's short-cumming so it's good for showing time, nothing else.[/quote]

well; whats the difference? if its accurate?
Project development, ideas, and suggestions / Re: Still learning PICS
I reccomend getting a pickit; I have a pickit2 i got from ebay for like 30 bucks. Its a great little programmer that supports all the popular pics; and has debugging support which IMHO is priceless for learning.

Then just start like everyone else; sample yourself a few PICs and start blinking some LEDs.
Open Bench Logic Sniffer / Re: ain't spammer
[quote author="wayoda"][quote author="BrentBXR"]Welcome to the forums! Always love seeing more people join this community.
Not that it matters; I don't really care either way and I know DP doesnt mind, even like people registering... but why register if you have nothing to say? [/quote]

I'm registered with quite a few forums as a read-only guest. The simple reason is  that all of the forums highlight new or updated topics for registered users.


ah yes, the new posts feature; thats a good point. I didnt think of that.
Project logs / Re: GPS Display Time Standard
Ahh the clock project; as 'standard' as the LED matrix and the accelerometer electronics projects. Its like everyone who starts in electronics will always start by making those 3 projects. Although myself; I have never had interest in LED toys, accelerometers, or clocks; i jumped direct to digital communications; thats my interest :3

But this seems a bit more interesting then a standard clock project; its a serious clock project!
So what is this really for? let me understand this a bit better..

from what I read (correct me if im wrong) you are not using this as the actual time keeping mechanism within your new to be clock projects but a bases to set those clock projects? and perhaps ensure accuracy? Very neat; can you explain how you will use this device to do that? Does it somhow connect to your clock and monitor the time difference between the two for x amount of time or something? That would be a great tool for people who enjoy making clocks. If its not for that then what is it for? besides telling you the time :3

My co-worker did somthing similar; he is designing a nixy tube clock (ah the nixy tube; almost fits inline with the 'standards' above; I also never had interest in the nixy tube). So at the stage now he has finished the PCB and all the electronically workings; so he can properly control the nixies and all that good stuff; now hes just perfecting the firmware. So what he did was create a program on his PC (hes a software programmer by trade) that interconnected to his clock. So his clock; every x amount of time will send something like this through UART:


So what it does is; it tells his application that the clock will be exactly 24:00 right when the next bit comes; so then his application will then grab the time from one of those government time servers; and he lets this run 24/7 for the last few months. At some point he will hit the 'compile' button on his program and it will spit out all the results and generate abunch of variables for him; offset and drift being the most important im sure...

But yeah; I was very impressed by his techniques in building his clocks (which he will sell on ebay i guess is the plan. apparently they sell pretty good with a good markup on ebay). So I think it would be super neat to perform that same kind of information gathering on an embedded design; then you could just hook it up to a wall-wart or whatever and stick it away in some closet for a few months; take it one out day and export the results to a PC. no need to have some application running 24/7 with the risk of crashing; or risk of the PC turning off and so on... Everything stored to EEPROM or somthing.. That would be a really neat project!

Does anyone know which is more accurate? VS: GPS; PC Time server; or one of those microwave time deal-o's (if thats not the GPS method).
Open Bench Logic Sniffer / Re: ain't spammer
Welcome to the forums! Always love seeing more people join this community.

Not that it matters; I don't really care either way and I know DP doesnt mind, even like people registering... but why register if you have nothing to say? its been quite a while but as I recall you are free to browse the forums and read all you like all while not being registered, right?

So why not just wait until you have something to say before registering? Although I could see the need to register quickly in your case, as the name 'cutee' is definitely in danger of being swooped up by some non-cute poser :3 in fact thats my nickname on most other social networks... Your just lucky I used my secret alias 'BrentBXR' for this forum... :D

The 'introduction' thread is a good idea though; I think we had one going for about 3-5 posts a while ago; im sure its gotten hidden by pages of threads by now. But perhaps that would be a good idea; to make a sticky'd thread in the off-topic sub-forums called 'Introduce yourself' or something; just so newly registered can post a small introduction of themselves to get past the anti-spammer rules. perhaps not in the OBLS forums though :P

Just out of curiosity; with the name like cutee; im assuming your a chick right? or are you a dude whos really secure with his masculinity?

(I. M. A.) qt-2 (aka brent)
General discussion / Re: Big Box of Parts
I was hoping to help by designing a flight plan; but not many people sent there info... So I guess it will just have to be tracked via this forum or perhaps a wiki page?
Project development, ideas, and suggestions / Re: Dangerous component/part tester
I still cant get mine to work off of the battery; but I never did replace the transistors; tho seems an easy task. I would just clip the heads off the transistors; heat the bottom of each three legs and pull with some pliers. then wick it up and replace; then I dont have to take off the LCD to get to the bottom...

but I like running it off 5v because it doesnt die and I can read the results and test things better. The jumper code I added (PB6&Ground I think) disables the battery checking; and the source knows its in 5v mode works really well. When you startup in 5v mode the welcome screen even lets you know by showing 'BAT' or 'PWR' on the top right.

I have not made any changes in a while (check the SVN change log; its been a while)