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Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
@sparkybg  I know you have shared the gerbers put is it possible to share the actual PCB projects? What PCB design tool do you use (Eagle, KiCad, Altium)? It would be cool if you can add Unisolder as an Open Source Hardware Project as well 🙂. I guess the main issue would be potentially fragmentation however it may allow for some interesting features added to the hardware such as the expansion ports for additional functionality.
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
That's great to hear! Glad to hear we can compile using the free -O1 optimization. Maybe we could integrate the XC32 compiler into the github actions to reduce your overhead when publishing the binaries.

Also the bootloader works fine with the larger program size?
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
So I'm currently running with a 1106 and definitely appreciate the firmware support. This is difficult since there is a variety of OLEDs, if we could get the Github to have Actions to automatically compile all variants that might be interesting and reduce the churn. However the solution sparkybg has done to support is great. One resistor to help select which OLED controller to use. DMA is nice but does it yield and functional differences?
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
Just start using it and you will soon realize why you don't need more powerful one. Current is a software limited to 5A. If you need more power use bigger tips.

Good to know, thanks for the advice 🙂

Just wanted to post some more renders of the case! Added in the screws and a polycarbonate screen protector to the front so the front panel display cutout should now be flush with the polycarb protector. Also testing an addon for a T245/T210 quick tip changer based on the JBC S3-B Quick Tip Changer. Also thanks @sparkybg for providing the 3D models of the PCBs for my models and renders!

I also added additional photos of the interior to the prusaprints link I had before.
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
Now I have better look at it, it is really a nice case.

Thanks! I'm still tweaking some things but the core is for the most part done.

Does anyone know if we can bump up the max power for the T245? I know it's currently configured to 130 Watts but was wondering if there was any reason from bumping it up to 150 or 160. I currently have a 160 VA transformer.
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
Excellent solution with sides poly carbonate. Can you please make a picture of inside part of the case, boards and transformer placement.

Thanks! I'm still debating between acrylic and polycarbonate. Haven't decided which one is better and both machines about the same.

I have also attached additional photos to the prusaprints link with the top and side panel off. I can take more if I disassemble to add more features or update something (thinking of machining a small screen protector out of 1/16in polycarbonate that compresses the foam tape backing). I have also included the full step file that you can see rendered that contains all of the parts minus the wiring. Do you happen to know if the 3d models for the pcbs shown in the first post are available? Would love to use those in my models.
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
What primary voltage and power rating of your transformer? Using NTC here is tricky since load on the transformer varies a lot.
Soft start circuitry usually not required for such relatively low power appliance.

Running 110VAC with a 160VA transformer. I know that the average power used is low however NTC itself will heatup and will have a thermal recovery time when turning off the device. This is where the AC Soft Starter relay circuit would help here since I could configure capacitor discharge rate. Also on a plus side I would be able to use the Unisolder to assemble such a circuit 🙂
Project logs / Re: Really universal soldering controller
I just wanted to share that I had purchased the completed PCBs that @vulkan35 has linked above and can confirm everything is working properly! I received the kit ~7 days after ordering and was able to put everything together without a hitch. It even came with an updated contact sensor board based on @minkok design.

The kit definitely helps bring this into the more affordable range and widens the audience. I do kind of wish I got to solder up a board myself however the parts alone would've been ~200 dollars range and then another 10-20 dollars for PCB to be made. I did get an extra set of pcbs from the seller so maybe I will end up assembling my own in the future. 🙂

Designed and printed a case for use with the T245, still finalizing some of the details but really happy with how it turned out.

On a side note, I currently have a fuse on the primary coil and have had to size it up to a 3A slow blow fuse due to the inrush current into the toroidal transformer. I was looking into adding in a AC slow start circuit such as this one : Has anyone done something similar?

I've also seen @Iwanushka posting some custom firmware updates, are there any plans to source control on github/gitlab? Would be great to be able to contribute to the most up to date community firmware.