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Bus Pirate Development / Firmware compiled-How do I upload to BP4?
I have just bought a Bus Pirate V4 and would like to install the latest firmware. I managed to compile the firmware from this link

I have built both BusPirate_v4 and bpv4_bootloader projects using MPLABX 5.10 and XC16 V1.35 without any errors.

I have a Microchip ICD3 and an ICD4 programmer available. What is the SIMPLEST way of wiring up an ICD3 and then re flashing the firmware on the BP4. The bootloader folders in the downloaded files are a bit confusing. Is there a bootloader installed on the board by seed. How can I find out which one and how to use it? I would prefer to just load the hex file directly into the board using an ICD3 if possible or just through the usb port. How can I do this?

PS I have read a lot of the post regarding firmware but have ended getting more confused. The i command gives the following information (no bootloader version info-how do I find this out?)
Bus Pirate V4
Firmware V6.0-a3
DEVID:0x1019 REVID:0x0004