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Bus Pirate Support / Re: BusPirate hangs in SPI sniffer mode.
Hi, sorry for the late replay. I'll take a look at this issue over the weekend, and get back too you on monday. Ill try to recreate it on my own BP 3.6 ...

can you give me more info on how the issue is caused... what mode are you using.. etc... SPI setup, even the string of bytes you are sending over SPI, would help..

One possible culprit could be a bad SPI setup on the BP, although it sounds more like a firmware problem.. 

can you post the log from your Bus Pirate terminal from power on until it starts to hang
Bus Pirate Support / Re: BPv4 Logic Analyzer mode
Hi sorry you're having issues. Unfortunatly the v4 is a still under development so a few bugs need to be ironed out..

*regarding the jump to boot loader, this is currently a bug in the Bus Pirate v4 firmware, will be fixed by v6.3...

*regarding the v6.1 and v6.2 problems with the logic analyzer mode, I'll look into it, and let you know if I was able to patch it up... I you currently only need it as a logic analyzer I suggest reverting to 6.1 while we get a patch in place..
Bus Pirate Support / Re: SPI mode sample on rising clock issue
Hi sorry for not replaying sooner.
The problem seems to be in Microchips definition of the CKE bit Clock Edge Select bit which we call the Output clock edge.. Microchips interpretation of this is to setup when the output data changes, and not when it's ready...
So if idle to active is set, this is the point at which the data line will be changed from lats say bit7 to bi6 etc...and data is ready to be rad after this...

Do you have a sugestion on how we might rename this setting for easier understanding..
Bus Pirate Support / Re: BP v3.6 DOA?
if the problem persists, or comes back, just contact Seeed and ask for a replacement. Use this forum page as a reference.. They'll send over another one, without you having to send that one back..

Sorry you had such bad luck at the start of your Bus Pirate experience.
Bus Pirate Support / Re: Is the BusPirate the right tool for newbies?
Hi welcome, The community is very much alive.  Just not much has changed with the latest version of the Bus Pirate so there was no need to update the articles..

I would defiantly suggest continuing to play with the Arduino, buy some cool shields, and do some cool projects, and experiment with them to get a feel for it..

While the Bus Pirate is super easy to use, it's usefulness is intended for more advanced notions such as protocol debugging, and learning new ICs before integrating them into a project.

A Bus Pirate exercise kit should soon become available, and is the ideal thing for total newbies.
Bus Pirate Support / Re: New to Bus Pirate and have a few issues..
Hi, welcome to the forum. The Bus Pirate v4 has a slightly different self test then the v3, in so much that you don't need to connect the VPU pin to anything. so you should only have the ADC and 3V3 pins connected, while you should remove the jumper between the VPU and 5V.

Regarding the LCD adapter, the one you bought is built for Bus Pirate v3 and is not supported via the BPv4 firmware. We should promptly have the LCD adapter for version 4 out.
Bus Pirate Support / Re: Lcd adapter issue !
[quote author="Somehack"]Had sometime to myself minus the noise to look ouver my scratch built lcd adapter. in my haste to finish i missed to key connections ! after hour or so of tracing things down i have a working adapater ![/quote]

Great to hear you got it working, share any pics.
Bus Pirate Support / Re: Secondary UART
[quote author="jafa"]Hi guys,

I am looking to use the Bus Pirate to do both SPI and UART... only one at a time but through the same connector to the target board.

The documentation for the v4 hinted at the AUX pins being used as a secondary UART... this would allow me to connect the SPI to the primary Bus Pirate pins and the UART to the AUX Bus Pirate pins.

Is this possible with the current firmware, and if so, what is the pinout for using UART on the AUX pins please.



It is possible in the latest firmware beta 6.3 to use the 2ndery UART as a secondary interface for the Bus Pirate v4. nut this is only in debug mode, meaning you'll have to compile and program the Bus Pirate yourself. If you are still interested lemme know, and I'll guide you through it. The pins used are AUX1, and AUX2, don't remember which one is RX which one is TX, but they can easily be swapped in the firmware ..
Bus Pirate Support / Re: Is SPI stable/issue free on BP v4?
[quote author="charliev"]Thanks arakis,
Yeah, you're right I'll need a script. I found the Wiki here: ... _reference

I hear what you're saying about the Arduinos, but since I had to purchase either to get started... I went with BP as I wanted to get familiar with it.

So, script-mode is stable for SPI on BPv4?[/quote]

There are some issues with the SPI in binary mode, although I think most were resolved. I would always recomend v3, as it;s the stable one, v4 is still under development..