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Hardware biz / DP should offer cases ....
Hi, after seeing the pictures of the LogicSniffers currently being produced by Seeed ... ring-tour/

I wondered if it wouldn't be a cool move to start selling  the tool in a case.
For me, the LogicSniffer has left the prototyping stage about a year ago with the firmware and Jawis client software reaching a stable and mature state.

The LogicSniffer always comes into play when the Salea LA leaves me off, because I need more complex triggers, or the Salea being too slow or if I need more than 8 channels.

Would it be possible (for Seeed or another partner) to produce a case for the OLS, that does not raise the price tag by more then 10$ in the end?
For my own devices I had to buy some acrylic,screws and waschers, (7€)  and after spending 3 hours the case still looks very much like a prototype .

I wonder if there are some "Non-Geeks" out there who would by the Sniffer if it came in a (professional looking) case.


Open Bench Logic Sniffer / [Solved] Command 'ID' needs retries ?
I'm trying to talk to the OLS through a bit of Python code. This most works fine but I have a litte trouble with the ID command from the Sump protocol.

What I'm doing is
  • Open the serial port
  • Reset the device (5 bytes of 0x00)
  • Send the ID command
  • Read back 4 bytes and check if they match '1ALS'
  • Capture some data
  • Close the device

But the String '1ALS' is returned without failure only when the device is opened for the first time after it is plugged in or if I hit the reset-button on the OLS between runs.

If the device had been used before, it takes several (4-6) retries until the ID is read back sucessfully. At first I thought I was doing something wrong and started to fill in some extra timeouts, but then I looked at Jawis Code and  he also takes up to 15 stabs at reading the ID.

Now I'm doing the ID part in a loop like the one in Jawis Code and it works
  • for i in range(15):
    • Reset the device (5 bytes of 0x00)
    • Send the ID command
    • Read back 4 bytes and check if they match '1ALS'

But I wonder why doesn't the OLS get that right in the first place?

Open Bench Logic Sniffer / v2.1 or v2.3 - confused by PIC firmware releases

sorry I'm confused (again?) by the PIC Firmware release number scheme.

I have Version 2.1 on my OLS. That came as part of the 2.12 Test-Release.
Now I'm following this thread
and there is talk of a version 2.3 (what happend to 2.2?).

I'm wondering, where exactly is the source code for the PIC Firmware? 
On Gadget Forge's trunk/Firmware path  I see different versions (V2.1 V2.2, no V2.3) which are all 2 month old (Revision 294).
Is there a different repository where the active developers commit their changes?

Also when you are  looking  for (binary) Updates starting from the OLS-Wiki "Update" section, you get send all over the place to look for the files, but never to a fixed download page for the files. Somtimes you end up on an entry on the DG-Blog, other links send you to a topic on this forum.

I start to envy the people who are working in the BusPirate code.
The GoogleCode repos for this project seem to be much better organized, with all downloads (binary and soure) in one place. Google Code also has the "issues" list which I find quite conveniant to use for bug tracking.

Is there a chance to sort this out a bit more logically?
I don't care where the code is hosted, but having it in one place (with a way of RSS/Mail notification on changes) would be nice.

Thanks for all the work you have put into this
Open Bench Logic Sniffer / ols-loader : parameters confused by SVN
I'm using Linux (Kubuntu 10.10 to be exact) for everything but video-editing, and decided to rewrite the ols-loader and the fw_update utility in Python.
There is a Linux utilities discussion.
A Python version should be much easier to package for different Linux distributions, since the code for the hardware-stuff is already available. There are python-serial and python-usb packages at least for Ubuntu.

Now I checked out the ols-loader code from svn (trunk/ols-loader) and I'm already confused about the set of parameters the ols-loader is expecting.

The wiki lists a set of parameters ...
[tt:]--port PORT  - port of Logic Sniffer, needs to be specified. Same as  -p Port[/tt:]
[tt:]--speed SPEED  - sets speed of the serial port. Same as -s Speed[/tt:]
which is implemented in the [tt:]trunk/ols-loader/new-command-parser-version[/tt:] directory.
It prints  a version of
[tt:]Logic Sniffer ROM loader v0.3 (September 30, 2010)[/tt:]

The code in the [tt:]trunk/ols-loader[/tt:] directory itself, uses the old-school parameters like
[tt:]-p:PORT  - port of Logic Sniffer, needs to be specified
-t:SPEED - sets speed of the serial port[/tt:]
but claims to be the more recent version
[tt:]Logic Sniffer ROM loader v0.3 (November 9, 2010)[/tt:]

So which set of parameter-names is the right one to implement?

Open Bench Logic Sniffer / Where is the "official" source-code repository
after playing around with my board and the Sump-Client for a while I started to explore the code-base for the project today.
Looking for the lastest version of a 8k bitstream I got a bit confused where the source-files for the project (bitstreams/tools/client-sources) are to be found.

Having a Java_Client_Sump path and a Sump_Java_Client path in the same svn-tree didn't help making things clearer.

Is the svn on GadgetFactory the "offical" repository?

I found the bus-pirate pages on google-code very well organized with code, documentation and issue tracking all in one place.
Are there plans to create something similar for the sniffer?