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General discussion / this forum, and spam -email
Lately, Google have changed its policy regarding emailspam, so for some reason, all email from the forum notifications I get from this forum is now sent to my spam box..

Is that something that can be changed?
General discussion / Solder paste press
Have anyone seen something like this other places? ... te-bundle/ ... nser-md100

The one in US is kinda expensive, and does not have price for shipping to Norway yet, and the one in South-Africa does not ship outside its country, I havent found this on ebay yet either, kinda strange.

Atleast it looks like an nice way of pushing some solder paste, instead of fiddling with the plunger.
General discussion / PIC Breakouts/Developmentboards etc
Does it exists fairly cheap developmentboards, breakouts etc to start learning pic programming?

I have searched around, and find a lots, but it's difficult to know which ones are good, ie, some have already online programmer, some does not, some seems to accept lots of various chips (are most of these pin-compatible??)
I have bought an pickit3 clone (I probably need to buy an original one maybe), and have some chips laying around.

Or, are pic's so easy that I can just stick them in an breadboard and program away?

It's so much info out there so it's difficult to find where to start, so some of you might find this as an stupid question, but I have to try ;)