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General discussion / Anyone try 3D printed enclosures or low-volume molded ones?
Curious if anyone has tried doing this yet?
I haven't find any decent tutorials on this or at least anything better than this: ... nt-panels/

Seems like something that belongs in the prototype category because it'd be too expensive to do for anything of more than a few :-)  But it'd be a nice way to check something before looking into molded enclosures...I'm not sure if there is even such a think as a low-volume injection molded enclosure because the mold is expensive ($10K?).
General discussion / What are your soldering station preset temps?
Out of curiosity, what do folks use for their soldering station preset temps?

Splurged a bit on the new Hakko 888D (digital version of the 888 that people seem to recommend) and it has 5 factory presets.  I'm puzzled by what they chose though:
600F (316C)
700F (371C)
750F (399C)
800F (427C)
850F (454C)

I don't get why they put in the two highest values.  According to their optimal temp support note,  the highest temp you'd ever need is 382C (352C if you have their newer composite tips which don't work on this station): ... 10297.aspx

I would have put in 482F(250C) as one of their presets instead because this is what they recommend for tip cleaning...and 650F since that seems like another common temp.

These fancy soldering stations are neat...always had generic pencil irons, but figured $91 shipped is pretty damned cheap for what it is and it'll last a lifetime... :-)
Sick of Beige / SoB standoff nut/screw sizes?
Anyone know what the specs on the nuts/screws are?  Finally got my order of a few of these from Seeed and it looks like it might be fine if all you use is surface mount stuff, but if you have any other components like a coin cell batter holder, stereo jacks, etc., there's no way it'll fit properly w/o higher standoffs and longer screws...
General discussion / smd resistor sizes and components on both sides of boards
This is probably a dum question, but why would you use 0605 vs. 0803 resistor/leds vs. the other?  And why would you avoid placing components on both sides of the board?

I'm debating putting together a DP free FT311D breakout board or buying an Android IOIO board V2 which will be more flexible.  I found it odd that the FT311D breakout uses 0603 resistors and 0805 LEDs because I thought you were supposed to do the opposite?
And there's silkscreen on the top where components could have been moved so they're not crammed into tight spaces to make soldering more of a PITA...would have been easier if the components were on the other side if the goal was to put silkscreen instructions on the front near the jumpers :-P
Sick of Beige / sealed on all sides beige/black case in 60x37 format?
Anyone know of any preferably black plastic case that would hold the 60x37 sick of beige boards?
One thing that bugs me about the sick of beige cases is that the sides are open so alas, it doesn't look as "professional" as plastic case.

Closest I've found is Serpac's CH-4 case, but it's a bit smaller than the 60x37 size and it's beige instead of black :-(
General discussion / alternative fully enclosed cases?
Has anyone been able to find any alternative cases to the DP6037 case?
Specifically, I'm looking for one that's enclosed on most of it except for an opening for a couple of connectors on one side...