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Open Bench Logic Sniffer / RAM on wing?
I recently asked this question on a front page notice that the buffer wings were back in stock at SEEED but on second thought I think this is the better place to ask.

Disclaimer: I have zero FPGA experience. I do have a logic sniffer though.

I often only use one or two channels and would find longer recording times very useful. On the logic sniffer hardware description page, I see mention of adding external RAM in the next design iteration. I ask this out of interest (and some ignorance): would it be possible to hang a SRAM or DRAM where this wing would usually go? I understand the FPGA bitstream would have to be rewritten to take advantage of this but I was wondering if these 16 I/O pins were capable of driving any kind of RAM at the speeds necessary for a logic probe. I would even sacrifice some top speed sampling rate for the increased recording time.
Pirate PIC programmer / picprog binary for windows?
I am trying to burn the bootloader for a bus pirate v4. The binary of picprog 0.2 available through the wiki page ( doesn't recognize the keyword for the chip (24FJ256GB106). I see that the source code (pic.c) does include an entry for the 24FJ256 so I am wondering whether the binary is from the latest available source-- I don't think it is. I tried installing the Codeblocks IDE and MinGW compiler, but am getting several build errors including not finding termios.h and sys/select.h. It seems that these are not usually found on windows systems. Were a few compiler conditional statements omitted or am I missing some header files?
Project logs / Inspected by US Customs
Received my PCB from the PCB drawer a couple of weeks ago (thanks Ian). One end of the envelope was sealed with green tape declaring that the envelope had been inspected by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency.

What do you expect when the envelope indicates that a "dangerous prototype!" is inside? Anyone else have their package examined?

Bus Pirate Support / Sick of beige case for BP v3.5?
I saw the Sick of Beige case for the BP v3.6. Unfortunately it seems too small for the v3.5. Are there any plans for a case for the v3.5?

One other thing I noticed-- the shroud for the 2x5 pin connector seems to be oriented in opposite directions. One faces right and the other left. Was this intentional? It seems like it will be a problem for the polarized cable color convention.