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General discussion / Arduino on other ARM Cortex M3 controllers

Ive been thinking, since arduino released the DUE and it has an ARM Cortex-M3, could there be a way to port the Arduino IDE to other ARM Cortex M3 based chips?

It would be great if people could point me to where I could start.

General discussion / Testing an arduino pro micro
Hi guys ive been playing around with this clone for a few days now. and ive built a very simple test setup for the thing.

It seems that not everything on the board/chip works! or i might did something wrong wrong.

Can you guys suggest tests that i can do to the arduino?

I already did EEPROM check,ADC check and DIgital IO check - and since im able to communicate through serial terminal then UART works as well.

Anything to add to the list?
General discussion / EE 180 Student's Projects
Hi All!

Kuya Kit had his students do a few projects for thier EE 180 subject and gave me permission to post them in labratsgonewild.

Im very excited to share this coz back in college project making is one of the most enjoyable - i wont sleep till the freakin line follower wont work hahahaha, after making it work i still didnt sleep till my batteries ran out.

Hope you guys like em: ... tmega32u4/ ... tmega32u4/ ... tmega32u4/ ... tmega32u4/ ... tmega32u4/

I dunno how to make links shorter so i just copy pasted them :)
General discussion / Loading the Leonardo Bootloader to a fresh Atmega32u4
Hi all,

Ive just assembled my first Filipinoduino prototype - its yet another arduino leonardo clone.


Its currently running its native bootloader and im using FLIP to program it, could anyone help me loading the arduino leonardo bootloader into it?

General discussion / SMD LEDs
Hi Guys,

I have these 0805 LEDs - when i place probes on the leads while there is no solder the LED lights up when already placed with solder it no longer lights up - anybody have any idea whats happening?
General discussion / Wordpress got hacked
Hi Guys,

If you have experienced a similar attack can you post your response - the action you took to take back your site.
My blog ( got hacked yesterday heres the picture
and what the attacker did is change the admin password,email and some other stuff.

To make the site appear like what you see in the picture - he/she/it (coz it doesnt have a heart) edited the index.php and inserted his own code - i got hold of the sql DB and updated my credentials there and had my password retrieved that way i was able to get my blog back the way it was.

If you might have a comment/advise/similar experience you can comment here!
Project development, ideas, and suggestions / Old Sanyo Calculator with Nixie!
You guys wont believe what i just scored from a local thrift store [selling second/third/fourth hand stuff from japan] :)

A good old 4 function calculator from sanyo - and when i opened it up there is a set of nixies!

now how do i make 100+v source for these babies? and im thinking of replacing the board with a mega8 :) what ya think?

General discussion / Arduino on Atmega8
Hi guys!

Just wanna know if any of you have tried running arduino on an atmega8 with out using external crystals? if so how should i program the AVRs? alter fuse bits? or should i just load the arduino bootloader [using another arduino] dirctly.

General discussion / automatic voltage regulator for generators
Hi guys,

this is kinda an electrica engineering uestion but you guys might have an answer.

how does an automatic voltage regulator for an ac generator work?

i think there are kits sold but i havent seen any source where i can copy and get an idea how it works.

General discussion / Need help in making gerber files on Eagle
Im currently making a composite board

the entire board [5*5 i think] houses a AVR programmer [based from tiny, i saw one in the DP blog] and a clone of arduino leanardo, got inspired by the leonard pirate.

can anyone help me on how to make gerber files? im going to build this using seeedstudio's fusion PCB.

and i had an error it says Stop mask layer 30 -- i couldnt decipher what this means but the errors can be found on the footprints. Is this ok?


CPLD programmable logic / JED file to SVF
Hi Guys,

I have an existing CPLD with a program - a BK precision was used to extract the .jed file from it. do you guys know of any way to convert that to SVF and then to xSVF so that i could program a new one with the BusPirate?