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Open Bench Logic Sniffer / OLS on Windows 7?
Having trouble installing the .inf file on Windows 7 (64 bit).
I get an "access is denied" for the resource "communications port"... I have admin rights on the machine.

Any ideas?
Bus Pirate Support / Serial sniffing?
I am having trouble with a python application running on a PC, it seems incoming characters are lost when received from the virtual serial port.

The setup is as follows:

PC <---USB---> <---USB-to-RS232-converter---> <---RS232-level-shifter---> RF transceiver with serial interface

The use case is:
1. Press "send" on a RF remote control
2. The transceiver receives and decodes the signal, sends information according to a slightly complex protocol (over standard RS232) to the PC.
3. Somewhere along the line characters are lost - most likely this happens in the PC application or buffers.

I'd like to sniff the serial data coming out of the RF transceiver - can this be done with the Bus Pirate?
From reading the docs my understanding is that this is possible - correct?