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Bus Pirate Support / accidently deleted an user
Everyday I (and others) clean the forum from kitchen spam (Do they really think a buspirate can interface a microwave?!).

Today I accidently removed a legit user with a legit post, AFAIK the user had only one post, but cannot retrieve his or her alias. I'm really sorry I deleted you.. it happened before I realized it :( Please reregister and post the question again.
Project logs / Testing/programming rig
I was working on a project of mine (Hakko T12 Soldering controller) and it needed a simple way of programming it. The PCB is designed for manufacturing and has no standard header. On the bottom the programming pins are brought out as testpoints:


Closeup of the rig. Did I ever tell you how much I hate that hotglue? Argh it sticks to everything :/


Rig in action. It has completed a selftest with success:


I got the little pogopins from our first geektour to shenzhen ( ... hen-china/ )
General discussion / Hackerscamp Shenzhen vol4: 182 degrees
Over less then 2 weeks Hackerscamp is due. It may be nice to already meet in this topic on forehand (not required ;))

I'm Sjaak and been already 2 times to shenzhen and know Ian for quite a time. I'm from the Netherlands and will try to get a project of mine to be manafuctured (Hakko T12 solder controller). Also want to  want to meet people and have a good time. Will be in shenzhen from march 31th till April 11th.
Project logs / Password manager
I was frustrated by trying to remember my passwords for all my websites and got even more frustrated when i need to change a password again after some months. Dont even to mention the needed complexity of them nowadays. A bit insired by the mooltipass featured on hackaday, but too scared of the complexity and hugeness of it, I decided to roll my own.

Also I'm not a terrorist nor a high placed public person, so I dont need that high encrypted and bulky design. Prolly the NSA would crack this thing in a matter of days (minutes?) but I think it will keep your pr0n logins safe from your little brother ;).

Current design/features:
- Uses the supercheap PIC16LF1454 (+- 1USD/piece) with no need for a XTAL (Clock is derived from USB)
- Uses a small but crystalclear OLED (128x32, I2C).
- Uses an OS USB stack ( ).
- Emulates a keyboard (HID) for entering usernames or passwords.
- USB thumbdrive footprint.
- Device is protected by a pincode (securely stored in flash on the uC).
- Simple PC application for updating protected storage (currently compiles on linux and windows).
- 32Kbyte storage for usernames/passes (512 username/passes total).
- External storage is XORed with a pseudo RNG (seed of the RNG is not based on the pincode).

Here are some pictures of the final prototype.




The final design would have prolly a bit more space between the buttons and the display. Currently some prototypes are tested by close friends or relatives. If successfull I'll put up a small production run (depending on the animo for it) and publish the
General discussion / Re: New sensors make Kelly Drive speedsters stop at red
[quote author="Chuckt"]Why $11,000?  Can't we do this cheaper with Arduino?[/quote]

You prolly can, and my guess the hardware is comparable to it. However I dunno where Kelly drive is but the equipment needs to be ruggedized, ie withstand a big temperature range, moist, vibrations etc. Also the equipment needs to be built in: the detectionloops needs to carved into the asphalt, the traffic lights needs to be modified. Also the system needs to be secure which needs to be tested and evaluated (costs time).

Assuming an engineer costs around 500$/day, after 20 days (lets say a month) and a couple of materials the 11K is already spend.
Project development, ideas, and suggestions / combining SVGs
i have designed a lasercut case for a nixie clock. the dimensions are 200x100x100mm, this will ends up in 4x 200x100 panel and 2x a 100x100mm panel. Unfortunately the panels are all different. I want to combine two larger panels into a 200x200mm panel (is ok according to the faq).

I tried inkscape to combine them but positioning them with the mouse it is not accurate. It could be me (prolly is) but is there any other method or trick (or program)?
Breakout boards / FT311D breakout
Quiet some time ago I got a FT311D PCB from Ian. Finaly found some time to build it up and write about it.


I tried it on 3 devices, each with its own quirks:
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (gt-p7500), samsung stock android 4.0.4: works ok
- Samsung Galaxy S plus (gt-i9001), CM10 android 4.1.2: freezes
- China ChangJiang A5000, android 4.0.4; ft311d get recognized, but after 1s the ft311d disconnects and reconnect (repeated)

I tried an other xtal, another ft311, reflowed the board several times, used other cable. I'm kinda clueless how to get it to work on all my devices. the used revision of the chip is 1C (latest afiak).

Another thing that didn't help troubleshooting is the error on the silkscreen regarding the jumpers, as you need to invert the jumpers. ANother one is the text USB_ERROR is confusing; as the led is lit when connected OK and unlit if in error.
Project development, ideas, and suggestions / Designing 'vintage' PCB in Eagle
A friend of mine will get maried in september and they likes clocks, so I would like to built them a nice Nixie clock. I already got some nice vintage looking russian parts like IN21 nixies with sockets and ceramic KM155 drivers. To finish things i like to design a vintge looking pcb in Eagle. (i like to get the pcb done with seeed instead using my own pcb manufacturing skillz)

examples of what i think looks like vintage: ... hanges.jpg

Does anyone know of a script for eagle or some other tips to make the board look more vintage? I.e. replace all 45 degree things with rounded traces and add some straight traces.

I was thinking of geting rid of the soldermask as finishing touch and add some solder to it. Since most of the components will be throughhole this wont be much of a problem.
Project logs / RGB led controller
I made  a quick RGB led controller for the RGB strips Ian and I took with us from china last year. Dunno about ians one, but mine was totally crap (after some time the blue channel quit working). The RGB strips take 12v and so does this controller board. Further expansion-ideas:

- add some kind of input to mclr/pgc/pgd (accelerometer, IR led, button) to enable more interaction.
- add more channels to pgc/pgd (5 total)


Find attached all the relevant files. THe type fet was something I happen to have quite a few of them, not handpicked for this purpose.
General discussion / PIC24E bootloader
Is someone aware of a bootloader for the PIC24E/dsPIC33E family? in particular the PIC24EP64MC202 :)

A pointer to a simple, small C-implementation of a generic serial bootloader is OK too :)
Project logs / Quick solder stencil experiment
I was experimenting a bit with solderpaste and overheadsheet as solderstencils. here are the quick results:

two l-shaped pieces tapes together. the square is the outersize of the QFN:


taped to the pcb:

big solderpaste blob:

big blob seperated with a hobby knife. Idea was to put the solder on the Exposed pad and some separation:

chip loosely positioned (when everything melts the chip pops into place)

final result:

as expected to much paste was applied as the opening was the size of the chip. I expect better result if the opening was the same size as the exposed pad or little less (also depends on the chipsize)