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#twatch network LCD backpack / 24/7, is it safe?
Just a quick question: it safe* to keep the twatch running forever or should I conclude a fire insurance :) ?

*) in case I would have a suitable case
#twatch network LCD backpack / Command mode looses packages?
Hey guys,
I just recieved my Twatch from Seed via Watterott and I think it's a fun device.

I dont care much about the twitter client as I'd rather like to display incoming phone calls. So I tried messing around with netcat and sending some commands:

For clearing the screen I do this:
Code: [Select]
echo -en "376130" | nc 1337

And I did this for writing a message:
Code: [Select]
echo -en "376110 narf" | nc 1337

Sometimes it works the first time, but sometimes I have to send the command up to ten times until the display is being updated. The green LED on RJ45 connector flashes everytime I send the command, so I'm sure the packet reach their destination.

Also, is there a way to completely turn of the twitter mode? I just ask because that error message "Error, waiting 5min" keeps reappearing all the time. Even is the cursor is set to pos1.

Thanks for your help!